Pay By The Hour Printing

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Aries Games & Miniatures will do On-Demand 3D Prints on its machines. This means we will print anything and everything that we physically can in FDM only (at this time) for a 3D file you have access and rights to print but lack the ability to do yourself.

This will include, but is not limited to any files you receive from Patreon, Kickstarters, or your own files that you design. Basically we act as your fulfillment service as you are our customer…all you need to do is provide some sort of proof of ownership of the file you want to have printed. Any Open-Source files such as ones available from Thingiverse, Yeggi, or other sites that are free downloads are also permittable…you just link us to it and we will print it.

We basically sell you the print time, not the product, so there’s no legal ramifications involved.


Email us at with the either the file you want a quote on or a link to the file.

We will reply back with questions in regards to the level of quality you want and a couple other options that will help find the right settings for your print and time it will take. Your answers will give us the ability to provide you an accurate quote with shipping costs. If you deem the job costs in your budget, you simply check out using the number of hours that are required to complete your job by adding to the quantity toggle on this listing (i.e. you have a 5 hour job, you would select 5 as the quantity & checkout).

The only limitations we have will be due to the print platform size and the quality of the file. We do not offer repairs of files, or additional file work such as finishing a non-completed project. We will inspect the file to confirm it is able to be printed, once confirmed…we will contact you back to let you know the amount of print hours you need to purchase.

We will include the following service:

  • Basic support removal
  • Quick clean up job

What is not included:

  • Sanding or filling of print lines
  • Priming
  • Painting
  • Or anything else deemed “finishing” of the end product

Depending on the print item and the level of printed quality you want, there can be other post-processing work that you as the customer will need to complete. Those can include, but will not be limited to the Sanding and/or gap filling.

Please see our 3D Print On Demand FAQ's here:

Pay By The Hour Printing

Pay By The Hour Printing