3D Printed FAQ’s & Information

3D Printed FAQ’s & Information

Many items we offer as 3D printed pieces are printed using either PLA FDM Plastic / UV Resin (resin production is from a 3rd party). While we do anticipate expanding into other scales, we will be concentrating mostly on approximately 6MM Scale. All measurements Vary by Building. All items are supplied unpainted unless otherwise specified.

The majority of our 3D printed products are done using a standard FDM style 3D printer. As such they operate by putting down layer after layer of thin plastic on top of each other as they go up the model, slowly building until the print has completed. You can and will see printing layers when looking closely at the items, but from a normal tabletop distance during gameplay…they will look awesome! All prints will be printed to tabletop standards, and typically will be good to go right out of the box.

For main terrain pieces, you can use a textured spray which will help hide the print lines. For vehicles and/or other items, we would also recommend using Rustoleum Oxide Red primer and light sand paper if you want a “perfect” print with zero print lines.

If you don’t want to go that deep into sanding and hiding the lines, for general painting we would recommend any good quality primer such as The Army Painter, Rustoleum, Krylon or other name brands. As mentioned before, you should not NEED to do any additional sanding or filling for “tabletop quality” on most parts but it may help on some of the smaller round objects as it will help the overall quality of the terrain piece as print lines can be visible.

Please note…while we will typically print in grey/silver, it is possible your print can arrive in a different color. The color of the print will not matter at all once painted.

We will do our best to make sure we ship you a quality piece and we only use higher quality filament from specific brands. Our printers have been dialed in for printing but sometimes there can be very tiny imperfections in the print due to how printing is done. Those imperfections can include but are not limited to small residue caused by passing from one printed object to another while on the same build plate such as stringing, or small “boogers” or “pimples” on the print. Those are all easily solved using a quick drag of any shark hobby knife. While we do inspect the prints before shipping, sometimes things can pass inspection, but are easily removed from the print.

There can also be small layer separation in limited areas. Mostly these will be hidden by primer and painting the piece. Any items that do not pass our inspection will be cast aside as B-Grade terrain offered in batches as they build up and not shipped out to the customer as a “good” print. There can also be very small lifting on corners, while we all hate this on our prints, it doesn’t cause the print to be a failure. As such, any excessive lifted prints will not be shipped, and we will only send out items that we would feel comfortable seeing out on our game tables. Lastly, while we do strive for the "perfect" top layers, sometimes there can be small imperfections on the top layers that may need the slightest attention with filler.

Any resin items were printed by a 3rd party and will be inspected before packing. As such, they too can also have the same quality as noted above, but we will do our best to mitigate any issues before shipping. Cleaning of supports on resin items may be necessary by the consumer. Also due to the nature of resin & curing, resin items may have one or more small “drain holes” in the model. These are completely unavoidable and can be filled after the fact using green stuff or modeling putty.

Many items shown with magnet holes have been designed with the 3x2mm sized magnet openings typically, however other manufactures may have different sized holes, so please check the description to confirm. You may or may not need to do some trimming on the sockets as manufactures can vary by a fraction of a millimeter which we cannot compensate for every magnet manufacture out there.

Two things to note:

  1. While the prints will last many years, the material used is biodegradable, they can and will warp in when subjected to prolonged exposure to sunlight, high heat, and when stored in non-climate-controlled storage. Do not leave your items outside, in vehicles (especially in the summer) or in sealed storage containers that can trap moisture and heat.
  2. If a file is updated, with changes or additions, we accept no responsibility to reprint your previously purchased print on demand items for free. These changes were done after the items were paid for and printed for you. We will gladly try to work out an arrangement to get you replacements at a possible discount, but this will be handled on a case by case basis.